Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I seem to have quite a few photographs that don't quite fit within my portfolio - for now anyway. I imagine most photographers have the same problem. What better place to display these images than on a blog... that six people read.


  1. You have a bigger fan base than only 6 people! I like the emphasis of your shadow from the first photo is juxtaposed to the hard lines and symetery of the entire image.

  2. Haha, thanks Rob. I promise I wasn't fishing for compliments.

  3. Now you've got 7 people--at least!

  4. 9 now. Though I don't use any sort of rss feed to watch things so it probably won't show up in any official capacity.

    These are really great images!

    btw, looking through your salton sea series I came across one image that seemed familiar, and after looking back through my files I found a different view of the same scene by J Bennett Fitts found here.

    I find it interesting because the two pictures were obviously taken at different times judging by elements in the pictures, but it seems impossible to infer just how long passed in between (could be days or years) or even which was taken first.

  5. 10.

    i loovve your photographs, very inspiring to me and it is the exact same thing i've been trying to make. what kind of camera did you use?

  6. that top pick should be on make the A side of the album.